Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shop til you drop!

I love Marshall's, why is it I always find something I can't leave there without! Loved these storage boxes from Laura Ashley and the wood frames are the perfect shade of green and pink. I also got the metal rose vines, not sure what they are for, but I will probably just lay them across a shelf or table, who knows, but I will find somewhere to put them.


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

You make me so green with envy...I love that trailer.
You mentioned you rarely cook and that the pastries were faux.
A woman after my own heart....hate to cook,rarely bake. I just can't stand the wasted time LOL.
I prefer someone to cook and clean it up too.
Marshall's is and always has been the best! I have been shopping there for years for all my different phases of home decor.
Love it all :0)

Jen said...

Can't you just go crazy there? It is amazing!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

oh, pretty pretty pretty! love those storage boxes. Marshalls is the best for sure. :)

xo Heather

Cami said...

I can't leave Marshall's without dropping @ least a $100! Luckily the closest one to my country home in 50 mins or so! By the way-you did good!!! ;)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Marshall's is my favorite store! I'm there all the time! I love those frames. I wonder if they come in blue and white?

Jackie said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for adding me to your list of favorites. I appreciate it! Also, I accently deleted your comment, still learning I'm afraid! LOL

I love Marshall's as well! I would love to have a part time job there, but I know I wouldn't have a paycheck left!!!