Saturday, June 28, 2008

Caught Ya!!!

Wait where ya goin?? My kitchen isn't done,Jeff's reply, "theres a big sale at Home Depot, I might be a while, LOL". Not so funny is it?! I caught him loading these up, I knew I should have sold those when I had the chance. Look below, even Lulu is sad!! How could he leave our sad faces? LOL. Really he got all the trim cut and now I'm priming it and then I'll put the top coat on and he will put it in tomarrow, or else!!! Have a great day everyone.


Connie said...

My son is the exact same way. Golfing is his priority in life. No job would ever interfere with his golfing. He's taking a 10 day trip to England, Wales and Scotland just to golf!!

Anonymous said...

Painting is hard work...ugh....I have been painting a friend's family room, she actually hired me to paint, go figure!! Anyway, that is what I have been doing the last two days. I am still computerless though, so sad. I also need a new vacuum, my money tree just isn't blooming right now.


Victoria Lynn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comments! Oh, your husband, that naughty boy!! I love your new fun. Your new painted cabinet looks great. Don't feel guilty about painting it, you just gave it a new life. One time I stripped a dresser I got at an auction and I accidentally sanded through the veneer on one of the drawers, oops! I found a tag with the brand in the drawer and looked it up on ebay. There was my dresser for $2500! Only with the original finish...oh well, I had a good laugh...Have a fun weekend! Hugs, Victoria Lynn

Jackie said...

Lulu is SO cute! She does look sad cuz dad's leaving without her! Hope he had fun, his golf is like our thrifting!!! lol

Thanks for the suggestions, I did my pics on the left side today and it turned out much better!


Brook said...

Smile Kelly. I bet your hubby finishes your kitchen today and we get to see all the pretty pics soon.