Thursday, June 19, 2008

Look what I found!

Good morning, I just wanted to share this new blog I came across, I love their store "The Cottage" and I thought that those who had not visited them yet would love it. . They also have so many cute pictures in their archives for inpiration. It's probably good that their in VA. and I'm in FL. because it could be very dangerous on the wallet, my husband is breathing a sigh of relief. Check them out I think you will enjoy your visit, I know I did! Have a great day. I'm off to work for a little while.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
My computer is toast...ugh!!! :(

I am at my daughter's house on her laptop so please don't think I forgot about ya. Never!!! I will be posting this weekend when hubby gets home with his computer. Hurry hubby, need computer now!!!


thepaperroSe said...

Kelly...THANK YOU so much for visiting my site! I am new to this blogging business. Sounds like we have alot in common...we also have 3 dogs, that a big part of our family! Love to junk, paint rearrange and decorate...CONSTANTLY! I hold a sale twice a year..November and normally in May, but June seemed to work out better this year. But, I do sell though out the year when people call. My husband and I really enjoy rummaging, flea marketing and basically just junking! Then fixing up. I enjoyed your your house...can one ever have too much white????? NO!

Donna Lynn said...

Good morning Kelly!
Thanks for the welcome back! I am happy to be home, and finally got my groove back, the yard was a mess from all the rain and chilly temps while I was away...then I must of brought back the sunshine with me cause it has been just beautiful here! I spend every minute in my gardens, need to post pictures of my flowers soon!
Loved you hallway pictures, and the canisters are wonderful, I would of jumped all over those if I saw them too! I will go and check out this website right now, sounds lovely...
Take care and hope your day is going well!

Jackie said...

Wow, talk about the luck of the Irish, which I am....but, now I'm doubting it!!! This is the 4th time I tried to leave a comment here and it said Blogger was having internal problems.Geez, ok I am done whining@ lol

Love the site you posted on today, infact I've been to that site to day.....Its awesome, but I found another one with faux paus cupcakes, can't think of the name of the Artist right now, (my old timers is kicking in) but they are adorable!

Anyway, neighbor, hope you are enjoying the time with your kids this summer, I will be offline on the 4th as it is my baby girls birthday. and am going to Hilton Head.....Oh, the shops they have there. I have plenty of pics to post, but I work full time and am going thru a "transition" at this time.......but take care!
God Bless,

Fifi Flowers said...

Your site is very charmy and pretty... your home looks adorable!

Brook said...

Morning Kelly. Come on over to my blog and enter the fun giveaway for a sparkly sweet mosaic photo frame. It's a large frame with glittery accents created with lots of love and care.
Like this shop! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly, thank you I love their site. I have added them to my favs.