Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boring Hallways and more!

This is my favorite canister set that I bought at Marshall's and we can't forget the pink Kitchenaid mixer, my Mom bought me my mixer for Christmas and I loooove it!
Okay so it's raining here again today and I'm bored, so I thought I would take another pic, this is my favorite rocking chair, it was pink when I bought it. I think this is one of my first pink things I purchased years ago and it is probably when my pink obsession began!LOL.

Hallways like mine are so boring, they are narrow and dark, so I decided to add some life to it I would paint it with stripes and flowers. Jeff made me the shelf with the hooks on it and I put wallpaper on the upper part of the wall . This area is a good place for backpacks and jackets during the school year since my boys bedrooms are located here. I still want to replace the light fixture on the ceiling with a little chandelier or crystal light.


The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

This looks fantastic Kelly! WOW... you have patience for all that taping off...
This looks so much like one of my magazine pics, only better! :p
Love the green bench too.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Me again.... it's really going to bug me as to which mag that was in. And I just finished looking thru a huge stack of old ones! I think they had used wallpaper roses.

Jackie said...

How totally marvelous!!! I bet this was one Big transformation 4 u.
They look so nice, I love the light green bench with the pink boxes on it.
It turned out really nice, Kelly.
Take care,

Brook said...

Super sweet idea! I just love all of your beautiful decorating ideas.
Thanks for taking the time to share with us Kelly!!!

I'll be having another giveaway shortly!


Brook said...

Thanks for your visit! I can't wait to see your outdoor furniture brought inside for a photo shoot!!!


Jackie said...

Ok, so, I'm not going nutz yet. You did post 2 more pics today, after I commented the first time, lol. I just adore the rocker/chest vignette. It ROCKS!
Love the colors....

No, I have not made it to Ikea yet, I think I may go over the 4th of July weekend. I need to pick up some slipcovers as well...for that can you beat it?
Which Ikea to you go to? I hit Orlando.

Brook said...

Oh how perfectly charming! I'm so glad you're bored. I love to see your pretty decorating ideas.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE what youve done to the hall way!! Certainly gives it a sweet little look!! You have an eye for detail! Gorgeous Pictures I love you taste!!

Connie said...

There is NOTHING boring about that hallway, sweet pea! Lovely......

Cynthia S. said...

Hi Kelly!! ok, im speechless , I LOVE that shelf/rack on the back kitchen wall, its STUNNINGLY CHIC!! and the hallway looks amazing and so does the chair too! Fabulous Decorating !! Enjoy your evening...and stop by often! ~ hugs ~ Cynthia

Sue said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog. Your home is lovely. As a mom of boys, you gotta get that pink in! My boys are grown and welcoming a granddaugter has meant lots of pink!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a sweet canister set!! Looks so vintage and pretty! :)