Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boys, Boys and more Boys

If your wondering why I haven't been blogging lately, this picture gives you a hint of the reason, they are all at MY computer! This is only a few of the boys that hang out at our house, when does school start??(; Actually I'm kinda sad Summer is almost over, I like them all hanging out here. Please excuse the food, drinks and whatever else they have laying around on the counter, they have eaten us out of house and home! LOL. I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's Take A Drive Through DeLand!

This is where I spent the last 2 weeks. In DeLand Florida, my husband grew up here and his Mom and I drove around to get pictures for all of you to see. She grew up here too but she still enjoys taking a drive and looking at all the beautiful old houses here, thank goodness or else she would have hated this!LOL. DeLand has tons of lovely old houses so this is only a few and I hope you enjoy your visit, I know I did. Thanks for the fun day Kitty!
The Volusia County Courthouse.

This is a cute antique store we went to, they had lots of goodies in here!

Look at this sweet bakery, it is in downtown DeLand.

This house is one of my mother-in-laws favorites. It looks so stately sitting there on the hill.

Look at the gingerbread woodwork on this house. I love it!!

DeLand has such pretty tree lined streets.

I really want this little pink cottage!

I'm still downloading pic's but my son got on the comp. and messed me up, so I have more to download but I have to start over! Darn it!

This is an old architectural salvage business. Oh you could go crazy in this place with all the old doors, light fixtures and the old mantels, just about anything you can think of from an old house, they have it! They have a huge courtyard where they have bands play on weekends in this little shed. They have old couches and chairs to sit on and lights strung over head, it is really cool!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks Kimme, I was so excited to see I had another award given to me, it means so much! Please visit Kimme at : I'm passing my award on to all the beautiful blogs out there that I love to visit!! Congrat's to everyone!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Hutch and Table

These aren't the best pictures but I wanted to show everyone how the hutch came out, I have a little more to do on it. Remember this table, I had it in front of my fireplace in a previous post, well I painted it and I love the way it turned out! I think I'm going to get a pretty applique to put on the drawer.

Happy 4th of July !

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! I will be leaving on Thursday to go to Central Fl. to stay with my BFF for a week or two and I have a feeling she has lots planned for me while I'm there(painting, rearranging and maybe even some cooking). Wait a minute this is suppose to be vacation, it sounds like home! She works so while I'm there I try to get some things done for her that she just doesn't have time to do! I will miss everyone!!

Computer Problems

I'm having trouble with may computer, for some reason I was able to get back on here, I wasn't able to all day! So I thought I'd leave a message to all of you who wonder where I've gone if I don't post for a while. Hopefully this won't happen, but just in case!