Monday, June 16, 2008

Playing Again!

Well I moved my fireplace back to the living room again! Thank goodness it is not real, what would I do?!! This is what happens everytime I get a new magazine, I get inspired and start tweaking( as LeAnn would say). I'm not done yet though, but I thought I would put a couple of pics up to show you what I've been doing. See the pretty yellow roses, they are from my boys for my b-day. So pretty.
This little spot is near my kitchen where you come in from my garage. A good place to hang your hat , my purse and everything else that comes in! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week! It is rainy here, a good day to stay in and redecorate!!


Jackie said...

Hi Kelly, I hope you had a good birthday weekend! I love the chest and the chairs and fireplace look really good!
Have a great week,

Jackie said...

Hi it's me again, I just found your comment from yesterday. I didn't make it to Ikea. I ended up going to Apollo Beach and dancing the night away!!! Perhaps in the next few weeks. Do you go to the Ikea in Orlando?

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

It looks great! I sure with I had a faux fireplace but I have no idea where I would put it!

I wish I could send some California sunshine to you. I'm sitting out on my patio with my laptop and it's in the low 70s which to me is perfect! I need to go finish cleaning house though! I came to the blogs to motivate me!

Brook said...

Your home looks so welcoming and is really pretty. I like the old white wood chair and the shabby pink door. Everything is just blooming with color.

Have a lovely week!

Connie said...

Kelly, Kelly, Kellllllllyyyyyyy, I'm going to show hubs this post tonight! I've told him a couple of months ago we're getting a fireplace and he asked why. I said because they are the focal point of a room. He thought the grandfather clock was just fine as our focal point! Au contraire, mon mari doux!!!! I've picked it out and just waiting till next month to order it online. It's going to look great in my family room. When he sees this I think he'll "get the bigger picture", my sweet chick!!!! Okay, I'm nearing the end of my exclamation points for the day.....gotta run, sweetpea. Come over and visit....

Connie said...

No, Kelly, I'm just getting the fireplace and mantle. It will not emit any kind of heat! I like it cool in my house, chickee! I hate heat! Hah. It's for effect really. I can put more "stuff" out and around it. Hah......more stuff to buy. Hmmmmmmmmm???????

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
It looks great. I love my fireplace too. I paid only 20.00 for it at a garage sale and I love that I can move it around. Keep tweaking, oh how I love to tweak. I have been tweakin my kitchen today.


Kelli @ Vintage Vavoom said...

Oh I love your little nook to hang your purse, etc. I wish I had something like that...I never know where to put my purse.

Very cute blog!


Cami said...

So super, super cute! I call it "fluffing"!!! (And I think it's a disease...)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly! I love your fireplace (and really love that you can move it!) and your whole home just looks so welcoming and romatic.
xo Lidy

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Kelly your birthday roses are GARgeous! Love the mantle, and the mirror above it.
Did you find that old door with the old pink paint as is, or did you paint it? It's fab!
Such pretty plates too.

miss gracies house said...

Fun spaces! A portable fireplace~now there's an idea!
I love fireplaces with a chair on each side-very cozy. I love how you have it displayed-with the dishes and that mirror-it's gorgeous! I love your style. It doesn't alwyas show through on my pics but it is very much the same!
Have a great day!

Cynthia S. said...

I lOVE this little nook! sooooo quaint kelly!! beautiful eye for detail too!
Ive been trying all day to update my blog, but my photo program isnt cooperating, argh ;) but hope you have a great day! you blogs looking Fabulous!

~ hugs ~ Cynthia

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

OOohh I love your pretty fireplace mantle and it is SO genius how you just threaded a little curtain in the front! Looks so pretty in your little nook.

I have a mantle in my garage that has been sitting there forever! lol