Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life is just a bowl of cherries!

I liked this pic better(above) so I decided to put it on here.
Good morning everybody! This isn't a very good pic but I wanted to show my new dish I found. I went to a local church thrift store yesterday and it was fill your bag for $5.00 day! I couldn't believe she let me put this in there, I love any of the old dishes with the delicate little roses on them. I also got an old straw purse with a pink velvet ribbon on it but there is also some funky looking grapes on it and I don't know whether to cut them off or not. I also found some handmade hearts in pink that I put in my bag. I don't know if you can see the little container next to the cherries but this was purchased at a rummage sale it has roses on it and when I opened it up I found little forks in side. See the three little teapots, got those yesterday too! So pretty. The lamp was only $1.00. Have a great Sunday!


stampscrappy said...

Wow! That's a lot of really great stuff! And it's all arranged so pretty on your table!

Brook said...

What a delightful photo of pretty things! Wonderful eye candy!


Anonymous said...

Oh my you got some wonderful things yesterday. I especially love the little teapots. Those are so cute.

Jackie said...

Oh Kelly what a sweet vignette! The picture is just fine, you worry too much. Love your blog!
I'm trying to work on mine, busy weekend plus I share the computer with the roommate....Can't wait to get my own (of everything) it's all in storage lol.
Hope you had a great weekend.

Jackie said...

Hi Kelly...I just saw your comment, I saw your couch from Ikea. it looks like the same one I want for $399...I still have to check out the slipcovers! but, what a deal.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, beautiful things and what a deal!

Cami said...

Fun finds!

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a great deal you got! You are lucky I didn't get there first as I would have grabbed that little bowl up so fast.

Lucky girl you!

Anonymous said...

Hi kelly,
what a sweet Little dish you picked up!! Perfect for cherries & Sweets!!
Love your blog I'll be adding you to my fav's!! Super pretty!!

Cynthia S. said...

That looks so beautiful! I love the table all set up! So pretty and what great deals you got Kelly!! That screen is gorgeous too! Im hoping to do some more updates on mine this week ;) its 95 degrees here, so im busy keeping up with watering the garden! lol...enjoy your day! and thanks for sharing such great pics!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Life is like a bowl of cherries...sometimes its the pits but for the most part it is Sweet and Juicy too!
I love your have a good eye for bargains.

miss gracies house said...

That bowl is a great find~isn't it fun to find those? I would have snatched it up, too and then sang all the way home:) I like that screen inside-
You look like you enjoy your boys-there is just something about them, isn't there? They can tease you to tears and then just melt your heart! I miss mine soo much! Enjoy this time with them:)
Thanks for all the sweet comments!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly girl,
We need a post from you. It's been two days.....LOL. Hope you are doing great.