Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet Bunnies

I promise this is my last post for today! I found these bunnies at Home Depot today and thought they were so sweet. I don't know but I think I'm avoiding my cabinet project I started, I keep finding something else to do today other than paint!


Anonymous said...

What cute bunnies and I love that cute little blue table they are standing on.


Brook said...

Hi Kelly. What a darling place you have. The bunnies are precious too on that charming table.


The Rose Room said...

Cute bunnies! Love that yellow house, no wonder you drive by - often! I am having a party, come visit! Rachael

Pearl said...

Hi Kelly... Precious bunnies! No wonder you're avoiding painting... you'd rather be sitting outside with the rabbits!

Your blog is looking nice... please stop by for a visit soon!


miss gracies house said...

Hi Kelly,
Nice Blog and adorable camper! How do you get the guys to go camping with you?
THANKs for the visit and congrats on my new grandbaby~he IS adorable!
come back and visit again soon-I can tell we have similar tastes!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those bunnies!! They are darling! And I also love the table they're sitting on!! Great shade of blue!...Donna