Thursday, May 15, 2008

For those who wanted to see my animals here they are!

Just kidding! These are my handsome boys! My animals are on the next picture. Jake (on the left) Shayne and Dylan.


Tracie said...

Hi Kelly,
Some very nice looking pets, uh - children!

Have a great weekend!

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Kelly,
Lovely blog, I have three boys too, and I adore your doggies!
The two tone paint is really beautiful, something different from the norm...
Come visit me sometime, I think we have much in common!
Donna Lynn

Sue said...

Hi Kelly,
Just came over from Cindy's and love your blog. Your camper is sooooo cute. My daughter and I have just recently, like today ~ started talking about looking into campers, now I'm here looking at your most adorable one. Small world.
Your house is beautiful, I love your IKEA pieces and the painted ones that you have done. It all looks perfect.
So nice to meet you. I'll be back soon.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Nice Looking kids! How do they feel about your sweet girlie camper?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a picture of the family, except where are you and hubby??