Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cute Stuff!

I just wanted to show everyone some cute banners I purchased at Michael's Craft Store. They are from Martha Stewart and I thought they were so cute and they look vintage. The first one says Happy Halloween and the second one says Give Thanks, it has glittered letters. Don't worry I don't have my decorations for the holiday out yet(Fall yes but not Halloween yet). I just hung them to take a pic for all of you in case you wanted to run out and get yourselves some! Martha has some really cute decorations this year. Hope you like them.
I know everyone probably knows this already but you can click in the pic to enlarge.


Kelli @ Vintage Vavoom said...

Those are cool! hmmm...I haven't been to Michael's in a while...guess I'd better get there and check things out.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't think it's too early at all...I threw away all my potted flowers last night cuz they were not looking good from our week of 90 degree weather and I'm SICK of watering them so I say bring out the pumpkins.


Mary said...

Hi Kelly,
The banners are really cute but even better, I enjoyed looking at all the pretty dishes and items in your cabinet. I love looking at your pictures.

Becky said...

You guessed right. The bow is upside down.
I love your right side up Give Thanks banner. And I like the idea of having you rocking on the porch over tea darrrrrrrrrrlin. I think that is how they say that in Eufaula.
PS. I actually have 4 blogs
One to sell items..Freshgatherings
Oneshabbyoldhouse.blogspot.com about renovations and Roselakecottage for possible B&B
and Laceandlures. It's alot to keep up with!

Cynthia S. said...

Hi Kelly!

I love the signs, they are so pretty on the hutches!
I posted a new blog " Island Hopping" and your kitchen look so beautiful on it! thanks so much for lending me the pics ;) I ADORE your kitchen , its my FAV!! Have a great weekend and thanks for the comments too! xo